Planning + Management + Design = URBANISM

We provide planning and urban management in integrated and global way. Our experts offer technical and legal advice and coverage specifically suited to the needs of all the parties involved in the process: public administrations, owners and sales team.

At Conzept we have extensive experience, both in the public and private sectors, regarding the design and development of urban spaces at all scales.

We have carried out municipal planning plans and isolated planning modifications, partial plans and detailed ordinations, special plans for protection and urban reform, details studies, repairs and urbanization projects

Urban Planning

We develop urban planning instruments that allow us to order the use of land, regulate the conditions for its transformation and value the environmental and cultural assets of the municipality, introducing them as first-order elements in planning.

Planning Management

We develop implementation projects that allow to transform the physical environment to adapt it to the planning forecasts and allow the materialization in the field of the conditions contained in the urban plans, making possible the achievement, on the part of the administration, of the  endo-straining lands and the urban regularization of the farms.

Urban Design

We prioritize and improve the comfort, practical and social life of the inhabitants of a place taking into account the physical space, its organization and design. For this reason, we want the inhabitants of a city to have spaces that is comfortable, spacious and safe.

Technical consultancy

We facilitate consultation and professional advice related to urban planning. We develop feasibility studies, quantifying the foreseeable income that we will obtain from the realization of a real estate development and predict potential problems that can be derived from their execution.