Conzept is an architecture, engineering and urban planning firm located in Zaragoza. We are specializing in developing high quality consulting services specifically design and adapted to each project. We take pride of delivering high quality, unique solutions to suit the needs of even most complex client’s needs.


Our motivation is to catered for the needs of each client and to improve the quality of life of the user in pragmatic, creative and innovative way, Form Follow Function. We take each project as a new, exiting and unique challenge. We invite our clients to creative cooperation with our experts, from initial design to on-site execution. We aim to develop and to deliver spectacular and spacious projects with creative and highest quality solutions perfectly integrated with the environment.


Our engineers develop projects in various areas: industrial, residential, tertiary and urban sectors always optimizing designs focused on valid solutions from economic and environmental aspects to detailed engineering for industrial processes.


We provide planning and urban management in integrated and global way. Our experts offer technical and legal advice and coverage specifically suited to the needs of all the parties involved in the process, e.g. public administrations, owners and sales team.


We apply the BIM methodology to our projects, which allows us to efficiently control all the details involved in the construction process.


We create project-specific teams, coordinated by Project Managers of our permanent team, with extensive experience in the type of activity required.

In progress


Execution of first single-family homes PASSIVHAUS, Jaca

Execution of two passive single-family homes plus common areas and plot urbanization in the residential area of the back of "La Ciudadela" of Jaca.


“CUARTE VERDE” First building almost zero consumption rated environmentally green in Aragon

Development of promotion of 46 homes Cuarte Verde as a concept in which environmental, construction and urban aspects are integrated with a single purpose: to build sustainable homes with significant savings in energy consumption, contributing to combat climate change and obtain great thermal, acoustic and air quality comfort inside the houses.


FRONT TO THE TRAIN: Connecting the City with its past

The nascent completion of phase 1.1 works and the start of phase 1.2 after imminent award will allow the Front train project to begin drawing on the physical profile of the Babylonian city.

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